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Love it👌

I’ve had so many compliments on the license plate frame lol I now wonder how the police would react to it when they get a good look at it, that’ll make their day lol It’s terrific for all I can say, thank you:)

All of the apparel!

My wife and I love all of the shirts we purchased and basically live in them. Extremely comfortable and so well priced.


Love the sweaters, there super warm and super comfy

Best purchase yet!!

I ordered a Life Drive Boring Cars sweater. And I was very satisfied as I am all the time with styln co. Always the best company to order merch from they always hook it up with some extra stickers air freshers. They're simply awesome 👌 thanks styln fam!

Amazing Quality, great price, would recommend.

I have had this puppy since the world of wheels in 2015 (or 16, IDR). It's seen me do 5 transmissions, countless motor rebuilds, and who knows how many tires I have changed with this thing hanging out of my pocket. The clip has never broken, and the fabric has never worn, besides the discoloration from the oils it's seen. I have decided today that since I am buying a new car, it's time for a new lanyard, and odds are, I'll buy another Styln brand one. I just haven't decided which one to get........when they are in stock.