Road Trip Car Meet

    Styln Industries Presents: Road Trip 2019

    A day to celebrate the evolution of modern car culture. Road trip car meet is where lifestyle, passion, and culture bring car enthusiasts of all forms traveling from all around to a destination. At this destination, you will find a vast mix of personal interests, opinions, and self-expression through various levels of modified vehicles. From imports, exotics, euros, and domestics to lifted trucks, jeeps, lowriders, and classics. We celebrate them all with live car showcases, live DJs, vendor midway, models, prizes and, activities. We are sure to offer entertainment for everyone.

    We invite you to join Styln for a highlight of the season meet at Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg, Illinois. Gates open at 11 am. Parking is first come first serve.

    There will be door prize raffle ticket drawn every 30min for the entire duration of the event for chances to take home many Styln products with additional prizes given throughout the day for things like furthest distance traveled, highest odometer miles, lowest odometer miles, and more!

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